As the name suggests Real News of India will cover news and videos which are real to the core. The issues which are real for the common man. The common man’s voice which is not heard or addressed by Commercial Media, news that is of public interest but the media wants to cover it up such news will be given priority. The news will cover development issues and its related Governmental agencies, problems and complaints of the common man. Real News of India will expose Scams and scandals which is destroying the economy and the country as a whole. The news will expose corruption in all forms and terms. This news will be in form of news and videos which are normally not found in other Medias. The idea is to create awareness to the public of such facts to which the public has the right to know. Real News of India will compel concerned authorities to take action against the issues raised by Real News of India. Editor : S.M. Fanus Helpline No : 8080830888

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